Celebrating Person to Person Relationships Since 1957 

Celebrating nearly years of person-to-person friendships, this web site is dedicated to the relationships of the people of San José, California, USA and those of Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. San Jose’s tie with Okayama is the third oldest “Sister City” relationship in the Sister Cities International organization, beginning May 26, 1957. 

NOTE: At this time our organization is not the representative of the City of San Jose’s Sister City Program. You may see more information via the San Jose City web site.

Many of our members continue to offer support person-to-person relationships between the citizens of the two areas. But this time this group is not active in general activities and is no longer a California corporation.

To view the entire archived 2009-2016 web site, you may find it at web.archive.org. 

( http://bit.ly/sj-o-archive )





Historical Image Collection from Hisako Kunitomi 

During our youth trip to Okayama last June, we were presented with a disk containing many older photos from Okayama and San Jose related to the Sister City activities. These were meticulously collected by Hisako Kunitomi, long time supporter and industrious worker between Japan and the US. When our youth travelers went to a Zen temple, Hisako met our group and graciously told the kids how the Sister City movement strongly affected her life in a very positive way. We plan on posting her groups of images on our site soon.

Cliff Transeth, early participant in the Sister City relationship and Hisako Kunitomi in front of old
North 1st St. San Jose City Hall. (click on images to enlarge)

Anniversary visit to US by Okayama officials and citizens. Okayama Mayor is speaking at San Jose’s Japanese Friendship Garden. Others in the image include San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer and Pacific Neighbors President Dennis King.